Have you been to Paris? ISIS makes its intentions known...

ISIS Daesh is making its intentions known. Don’t underestimate ISIS
The GIF above is not from ISIS, but a reverse of the construction of the Eiffle Tower
Perhaps you should go see London, Paris and Rome while you still can…


Instapundit: ISIS posts video showing destruction of the Eiffle Tower. Yet people still ask “What does ISIS want?”


ISIS and Islamic radicals (including our so called allies, the Wahhabi establishment in Saudi Arabia) have systematically destroyed their own cultural history. From the Bamiyan Buddhas, the architecture of Mecca and Medina, to the cultural history of Iraq and Syria. ISIS is destroying sites in territories it has occupied to show they can and looting them to raise cash. Millions of Islamists who share this sort of nihlistic goal.


Al Qaeda destroyed the World Trade Center, tried to destroy the Pentagon, and almost crashed an airliner into the White House. ISIS is far more ruthless than Al Qaeda. Why would we not think ISIS will use what ever means it can get to carry out its plans, including nuclear and radioactive terrorist attacks?


ISIS says its goal is the destruction of Rome and the Vatican so as to start the apocalypse.  And the West’s response is to allow millions of potential ISIS supporters to immigrate to Europe (and if the Obama Administration had its way to the United States too)?




And people wonder why Donald Trump has support?

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