Separated by Birth: American college student given 15 years hard labor in North Korea and...?

A Tale of Two Students living the dream:
Fred Warmbier persecuted by the North Koreans and Jack Montague persecuted at Yale


In Fred Warmbier’s case he actually did tear down a NoKo propaganda poster–although you would think that would result in a fine or getting booted early from the country. Louis Zamperini got caught taking a Nazi flag at the 1936 Berlin Olympics and got way less–although had it been Jesse Owens or a Jewish athlete they likely would have been way harsher.

Jack Montague’s case is even more insane (in its own star chamber Title IX sort of way). He is the star caption of the Yale basketball team and got booted after an girl friend complained about something that happened 15 months earlier. Apparently the charges were pursued by some Yale administrator (who does not like men). They did not give him hard labor, but they did boot him from Yale. This sort of thing is not limited to just Yale.

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