Obama Nominates Nickelhead Merrick Garland To Supreme Court?

No Nickleheads for SCOTUS
Any candidate who likes Nickelback cannot be trusted!
Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have been falsely accused of allegiance to this despicable band, but it is well know the Obama Administration is full of Nickelheads and Merrick Garland is part of this cabal.
Separated by Nickelback? Merrick Garland and Prof. William Jacobson
Legal Insurrection: Meet Merrick Garland (that statement by Orin Hatch might be a problem)
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AoSHQ: Some guy

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Rush Limbaugh: Obama is not serious about GarlandSchumer took out Rubio and Kasich: The GOPe’s last best hope

This pick is intended to drive a wedge into Republicans (do they take a “centrist” who is 180 degrees opposite of Scalia on gun rights) or wait for a Trump or Hillary pick?  If he goes down, they use it as an issue in the election. If he goes through, Republicans are demoralized. I do not think it much of a surprise.  Still, there is really no answer other than this:


Let President Cruz Pick