Marco Rubio: Is It Time To Go?

#MarcoMentum: It can sneak up on you!
So much hope in the early campaign…


I was not happy with the whole Gang of Eight debacle, I still like Marco Rubio. I think he is mostly a solid conservative. He was very wrong about immigration and especially trying to cut a deal with Schumer and McCain. That cost him. It has doomed him in this cycle as much as Jeb was doomed. It is just taking a little longer for that to register.
You can survive this crash Marco…


I am sure Marco is not yet ready to concede it is time to go, but it may be time to go. Does he even want to wait for Michigan now, let alone Florida. I know Marco Rubio is hoping to best Trump in Florida, but if he doesn’t what’s the point of staying in? If Ted Cruz is the best shot at denying Donald Trump the nomination, shouldn’t Marco help him do it?
Rebuild the Mach 5!


This whole contested convention idea? It’s a crap shoot at best and a poor bet. Either Ted stops Trump at this point or he doesn’t. Even if he wins Florida, that and Minnesota and Puerto Rico is not much Marcomentum. Marco Rubio is not going to join forces with Donald Trump (he does not want to be Trump’s VP), so he might as well at this point help Ted Cruz.


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