So how did the Democrat debate go last night?


Bernie did pander to the Flint crowd just a wee bit by claiming white people don’t know what it is like to be poor. There are plenty of poor white people out there Bernie, I suspect you might find some even in Vermont. That was a line to drum up some African American support in Michigan (for some reason Hillary beats him soundly on that demographic).
Hillary and Bernie both have proposed top down solutions on preventing jobs from leaving America that won’t work.  The concept of lowing the corporate rate as an incentive not only to stay but to funnel money made over seas back to the company (so it presumably can be invested at home) did not cross their minds.



But Bernie did score points on asking Hillary to turn over her speech transcripts to Wall Street groups.  They paid her hundreds of thousands of dollars for each of those speeches. Hillary responded with her lame, she’ll do it when everyone else does it.  Who is everyone else?  Bernie rightfully pointed out he gave zero speeches to Wall Street (so there is nothing to turn over).  As far as I know, Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Kasich have not given Wall Street speeches either.  So what is she hiding?
There was not much on national security–Democrats don’t care much about national security. It was in Flint, so it is not surprising infrastructure improvement was one of the main topics last night. Too bad the Democrats can’t face the truth that the reason Flint’s water system is failing is primarily due to incompetent and craven Democrats in Flint and Detroit.
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