The Road To Idiocracy

President Camacho: Idiocracy Is Here!


Instapundit: The Road To Idiocracy (oh yeah, baby, we’re there), Trump Fishtown and Belmont, and Obama dumps on Trump (they really are a lot alike)


Matt Lewis suggests that the GOP field needs to unify by agreeing on one candidate to take on Trump. Good luck with that. Jeb managed to spend $100 million bucks trying to take out Marco and what does he have to show for it? Meanwhile we have Ted and Marco going at each other with hammer and tongs. We can’t even manage to get Kasich and Carson out and they have no chance.

Does anyone really think Mitt Romney‘s threats of pulling the station wagon over are going to make Republican candidates in the back seat behave?  As Hillary implodes, Democrats are wrapping their heads around a serious Sanders nomination. We got Bloomberg in the wings and as Hillary and Jeb meltdown, who knows where this will go. In a three or four way multi candidate race, Sanders or Trump winning the general does not seem out of the range of possibilities (and what if there are insufficient electoral votes for any one candidate to get to 270 electoral votes and this election goes to the House of Representatives for resolution). Picking Antonin Scalia’s replacement is just one of the things hanging in the balance.

The fate of the Republic may hinge on the electoral college and the House of Representatives.

Things are getting rather wild.