The passing of an era: Salon Abandons Hillary Clinton: She Can't Win and Jeb Bush's family gather for the dying of the light...

Many of us on the right have noticed how bad Team Clinton is playing. It is worse than when she ran against Barack Obama. The Democrat Party has been pretending it is not an issue, with their corrupt super delegate awards to Clinton at the expense of Sanders. That can’t keep going on–even for Democrats.
Sanders is out fundraising Hillary. Polling shows Bernie Sanders is electable (probably more electable than Hillary). Apparently the Progressive Leftist Leaning Wing of the Democrat Party is not waiting to see how Nevada Caucuses turn out. If Salon is turning on Hillary, more of the Democrat Party will join (barring some substantial change in her fortunes against Sanders).

Meanwhile, the Ying to the Clinton’s Yang, Jeb Bush’s campaign goes into death throes, complete with swearing, railing and denials about Marco Rubio in response to RedState and Erick Erickson’s contention Jeb’s campaign is out of money and running on fumes. It is over for Jeb.

We are seeing the fall of the Houses of Clinton and Bush. Clinton is not quite as bad off as Jeb (yet) but does anyone think she is going to turn her fortunes around? As political forces they are exhausted. The question is will the Democrats go with Sanders or seek someone like Biden to run?

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