What happens if Hillary loses the Nevada Caucuses? Breaking: More bad news for Hillary, the only candidate she could beat may be dropping out...


Hillary could lose Nevada. If Bernie manages to win or even come close, what happens with Democrat Delegates?  With a dubious “win” in Iowa and a blow out defeat in New Hampshire, Hillary is now leading Sanders 10:1 on delegates?  Why? Welcome to the Byzantine back room shenanigans of the Democrat Party.


But what if Sanders keeps winning primaries? Even Democrats have to acknowledge reality. She is getting party backing mostly under the belief she is more electable than Sanders. Eventually things will reach a tipping point when even Democrats have to accept that no amount of prompting or rigging by the DNC will save her in the general election (the Instapundit link below shows Hillary’s weakness there).


Democrats will figure out that they have a better shot with an old Democrat Socialist, with poor social skills, and hair growing out of the candidate’s ears. Hey, that phrasing is a bit ambiguous. That sentence could very well describe Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden!


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