Did Trump Jump The Shark in South Carolina?

Trump Shark Jump?

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From supporting Planned Parenthood and to saying he is for tariffs on free trade, Donald Trump took some less than conservative positions last night.  But blaming George W. Bush for the World Trade Towers and the 9/11 attack?  I am not easily shocked by Donald Trump, but I was shocked by that argument.  I am not a fan of Jeb Bush.  I have considered Jeb! a disaster for the GOP from the beginning and a big part of the reason Donald Trump is on that stage in the first place… But, I am with Marco Rubio, I have thanked God on more than one occasion that George W. Bush was president when 9/11 occurred.

While I was depressed seeing that train wreck of a debate last night (and why would the GOP agree, for example, to a moderator who in the past suggested that Obama should destroy the Republicans), is this the beginning of the end for Trump?  How do you win the GOP nomination going left of Hillary Clinton on 9/11?  If it happens it means the GOP is completely dysfunctional and is already destroyed.

With the death of Antonin Scalia, the stakes are too high to mess around anymore.  Jonah Goldberg is predicting that resisting an Obama appointee for Scalia will fail, because the GOP leadership does not have the will to fight.  I hope Jonah is wrong about that, but we all recognize that is a real risk.  What is the point of even trying to win the general election if that is the attitude of our own side?  We need to narrow this race down to Cruz and Rubio and focus on winning the general election.

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