Actress Amy Lindsay may have been a missed opportunity for Ted Cruz...

I understand why Ted Cruz reacted the way he did with the revelation that the actress who was in his recent ad had done “porn” in the past.  What she had done was actually some Cinemax r-rated “skin-e-max” stuff, certainly not wholesome family entertainment, but not exactly x rated pornography either.

This story obviously focused a lot of attention on Ted and the campaign. Why not use the ad?  There is nothing inappropriate in the ad.  Amy Lindsay, the actress, plays the roll as written.  Turns out she is actually conservative leaning and voting Republican this year (at least that is what she is saying).  It does not appear she was a plant (which would be a different thing all together) or misrepresented her resume to the producers of the ad.

This is a learning opportunity.  Some times a real political gift is to take one of these things that come out of left field and rather than react to them as is typically done, turn it into an advantage.  There is risk in doing that too.  But on something like this, Ted Cruz should have paused a bit, perhaps after a bit of investigation, reacted differently.

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