The GOPe is in a complete panic attack over Palin, Trump and Cruz

Sarah Palin signals to the GOPe

A manifesto at NRO to denounce Trump? Here is NRO’s article. Trump is entitled to try to win.  How about a manifesto to denounce the GOPe like Senator Burr and others who are trashing Ted Cruz?  If you are going to take Trump on, take him on the issues and against trashing Cruz (which is what Mark Levin is doing).

I am not in a panic over this. If Trump is meant to win, then he will win. This nomination race is far from over given no votes have even been cast yet.

In my opinion, if you want a real conservative, Ted Cruz is it.  Maybe there should be pressure for some of these lesser GOP candidates to bow out and back Cruz. But now we are watching much of the GOPe try to destroy Ted Cruz over some pipe dream of making us want Jeb Bush or John Kasich? Do they really think that would work? Or is the GOPe goal simply to let the Democrat win (assuming Hillary survives her own festering self inflicted wounds) in order to keep Cruz from winning? I am with Glenn Reynolds on this, I would greatly prefer Ted Cruz, but I have no problem going Trump if the choice is The Donald vs. Hillary (or Sanders, Biden, etc.).  I would also choose Trump (without hesitation) over Jeb or Kasich.

The GOPe have also chosen their destructor


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