Could Donald Trump win this thing?

After reading Mark Steyn’s article today, I thought about this scene from Godfather II:

Michael Corleone: I saw a strange thing today. Some rebels were being arrested. One of them pulled the pin on a grenade. He took himself and the captain of the command with him. Now, soldiers are paid to fight; the rebels aren’t.

Hyman Roth: What does that tell you?

Michael Corleone: They could win.

This was the big Drudge headline today: Donald Trump is drawing 20% of Democrats?  While Lindsay Graham and Jeb Bush will probably vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump (assuming he gets the nomination), US News and World Report reports on a Mercury Analytics poll that says a lot more Democrats will defect from Hillary. We also have the economy going in the wrong direction (which hurts Hillary a lot more at this point as the incumbent presidential party).
Then you have the man the GOPe hates even more than The Donald: Cruz is still doing well in Iowa.
Instapundit: Hillary’s emails go nuclear with Sid BlumenthalThey can’t control the narrative any moreMark Steyn: Burlington Trumped Katie Shaidle was going to say read the whole thing, but you won’t be able to stop anyhow. This is how his detractors react?
DaTechGuy/Baldilochs: Stupidity and how to recognize it (and she’s got more Godfather references)
Over the top, sure. Effective? I suspect so…
American Power Blog: Roger Simon: In your heart you know he is right (with actions like this by ISIS, yeah, most people will think he’s right)
RedState: strieff take this to mean a mixed blessing (if Trump is drawing Democrats, they can’t help him in most of the GOP primaries).  Maybe.  I think there is also truth that the GOPe hate Cruz so much they would rather see Trump win.

American Power Blog: Trump beats Hillary head to head

Hillary may never get charged thanks to Obama and Lynch, but it is going to get worse and may doom her campaign.