Hillary Clinton Promises To Investigate Aliens, UFOs, and Area 51

Instapundit: Hillary knows the truth is out there (so long as we are not looking at her emails, Benghazi, and Bill’s extra curricular activities), Will Hillary’s place guard even mention it, Hillary is sort of an “expert” on the alien topic but any investigation of Bill Clinton’s past sexual abuse of women is out of bounds and definitely off limits?

AoSHQ: Hillary gets a pass from the media on her opining on whether aliens have been here and Bill Clinton believes in UFOs and Hillary talks to ghosts (and the media ignores it all)

Free Beacon: CNN: “Only Bernie Sanders can segue from the sex life of Bill Clinton to climate change”

EBL: In order to be hypnotized you have to want to be hypnotized

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While aliens intrigue her, Hillary is not too interested in investigating her emails or Benghazi…