Oregon Occupation vs. Federal Prosecution Overreach

They don’t look like terrorists to me, they look like pissed off citizens…
A grassfire is not terrorism.

What could go wrong?  While I am not a big supporter of civil disobedience occupy protests, I understand why these ranchers feel like they are being abused by federal authorities (they are getting screwed over on a plea deal that the federal prosecutors appealed but they could not). Donald Douglas is on this with posts herehere and here.  Instapundit is also posting herehere (it is only terrorism when conservatives do it), here (the left is demanding the media call this occupy group terrorists, I don’t recall the left doing the same for Occupy Wallstreet) and here.

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Conservative Treehouse: What’s Going On In Oregon (this is a read the whole thing link, it explains what has been going on historically with this wildlife refuge and these ranchers and why the federal prosecutors singled these ranchers out)

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