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Zero for Zero, the first of RedState’s Thought Leader Events featured brief reception followed with a panel discussion led by RedState Editor-In-Chief, Erick Erickson.  Panelists included:

Rep.  Jeff Landry (R-LA)

Larry Hart, Gov. Affairs Director, American Conservative Union

Ryan Weston, Chairman, American Sugar Alliance

What is the future of domestic sugar policy?  Subsidies around the globe have made sugar the word’s most distorted commodity market.  How do these subsidies affect ongoing policy decisions in America, and what steps can be taken to achieve a free market where the best business people, not the most subsidized, thrive?

Check out highlights from the event below including a behind-the-scenes interview with American Sugar Alliance spokesman Phillip Hayes.

RedState Thought Leader Interview with American Sugar Alliance Spokesman Phillip Hayes


 Highlights from the panel:

Can American Sugar Survive in a Global Free Market?                       


Zero-for-Zero in a Changing Global Sugar Market

Zero-for-Zero vs. Unilateral Disarmament

 Erick Erickson Sugar Trivia


Zero-for-Zero: A Free Market Future for Sugar Policy

 June 12th, 2013


Knight Broadcast Studio, Third Floor

 555 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

 Washington, DC 20001

Underwritten by:

American Sugar Alliance


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