Liberal Congressman Tim Murphy

This week, Tim Murphy sent out a press release and had the audacity to cite the Club for Growth’s annual Congressional scorecard to claim he’s a conservative. Funny, just last month the Club for Growth spent $125,000 on television ads in the Pittsburgh region labeling him, “liberal Congressman, Tim Murphy.”

So which is it: is Tim Murphy a conservative as he claims? Or a liberal as the Club for Growth clearly believes?

Tim Murphy’s 2011 Club for Growth score was a paltry 69 percent. Compare that to Sen. Toomey’s 97 percent, or conservative stalwarts like Sen. Tom Coburn or Sen. Rand Paul who both scored a perfect 100 percent. A 69 percent is a failing grade on most grading scales, yet it’s 19 percent higher than Murphy’s lifetime score of 50 percent.

Scorecards can be pretty abstract, however, until you look at actual votes. The Club’s 2011 scorecard confirms what we already know about Tim Murphy: he supports Big Government, Big Labor and Big Bailouts.

This year, Murphy voted against a balanced budget put forward by the Republican Study Committee and against rolling back appropriations to 2006 spending levels. In two separate favors to Big Labor, he voted against defunding the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and against limiting Davis-Bacon wage requirements. Rather than working toward privatization and sustainability for AmTrak, he voted to continue bailing them out with more and more taxpayer funding.

Does that sound like the record of a conservative?

Growing up, there was always the kid in school who celebrated when he didn’t get an “F,” even if he just barely passed. Tim Murphy appears to be that kid in Congress—his 69 percent is by far the best grade of his liberal career.

Murphy’s lifetime rating from the Club for Growth is a failing grade of 50 percent. That puts him in the 7th percentile for all Republicans—the 19th worst grade out of 247 Republicans.. In past years, he has scored as low as 30 and 32 percent. Apparently, Murphy forgot to sort the table by “lifetime rating” before he sent out an email bragging about his meager 2011 score. Or perhaps he believes his election-year conversation to a 69 percent conservative will save his career.

Our country is $15 trillion in debt and set to double that number over the next 10 years. Taxpayers now realize the importance of examining their representatives’ voting record rather than their rhetoric.  As Tim Murphy’s time in Congress comes to an end, he’ll always be remembered as “liberal Congressman, Tim Murphy.”

The author, Evan Feinberg, is a Republican candidate for United States Congress in the 18th District of Pennsylvania.  You can read more at www.evanfeinberg.com.