Rumors of Mike Huckabee's Political Death are greatly exaggerated.

In case you haven’t known, quite a lot of people on the conservative blogs proclaimed, with their esteemed credentials in the area of politics, that Michael D. Huckabee’s career was dead. It now appears that their previous estimates were indeed wrong.

In case you are in disbelief, please note the post that Tom Jenkins made here at the PPP polling firm.


Not only did Mike Huckabee stay on the top of the pack, but he also managed to narrow the gap between him and Obama as well.

This leads me to believe that the Huck-haters played their hand way too early in their piling on of Huckabee, as it allowed Huckabee time to create a credible defense on his half. Because this is more than two years away from the 2012 primary, this issue will more or less fade from the minds of the people.

All in all, this incident appears to be an epic failure on the part of the people who wasted no time piling on Huckabee before the bodies of the officers grew cold.

I part with this well known saying from a movie icon we all know and love, “Strike me down and I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.”