Jimmy Carter and the Tea Party

Jimmy Carter had a column in USA Today on September 29.  He saw parallels between the angry mood with Washington in 1976 on which he rode to the White House and the dissatisfaction to which the Tea Party is responding today.   One poll shows that 70% of Americans agree with the basic tenets of the Tea Party.   The movement is still mocked by Obama and his motley crew but did you notice the First Family went to church recently?   You probably did as this is so rare.  Guess Mr. President decided to join the bitter clingers to religion instead of spending the Lord’s Day on the Greens.   Wonder if he will visit a gun show next.

The Conservative tide of which the Tea Party is central is beginning resemble the 1932 elections.   Herbert Hoover received a telegram from an angry citizen which read:   “Vote for Roosevelt.  Make it unanimous.”  Don Campbell, former D.C. political writer, now teaches journalism at Emory University in Atlanta.   No fan of Obama he wrote recently that Obama “needs to change his personal image.  To me (he) comes across as a narcissistic, condescending, elitist, pedantic scold who thinks he knows what’s best for people who are too dumb to realize it.”  Wow!   Wonder why Campbell felt a need to sugar coat it.

Barack Obama is a dangerous man.  Let us cut down his power on November 2 with the election of men like Ken Buck from CO to the U.S. Senate and Bill Brady as governor of IL–men who understand the Constitution, limited government and that power rests with the people.  Then let us vote for common sense again in 2012.   Like 1980 let us correct the mistake made in 2008.   Let 2010 and 2012 be  reminders of why we need powerful conservatives in the mold of Ronald Reagan to lead.  Democrats.   Independents.   Join us this November n making these principles once again unanimous.

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