Waiting in the Wings

George Will spoke last evening for Hillsdale College on “Why We Celebrate Constitution Day.”    He closed with a cheerful quote from Winston Churchill:   “Americans always do the right thing–after they have tried everything else.”    Will added that the 2010 will be a Great Awakening as we have now tried everything else.

With candidates like Conservative Republican, Ken Buck, running for the U.S. Senate from CO against the appointed Senator we affectionately call “Obama Rubberstamp Man,” Michael Bennet, we think George is exactly right. 

When things were bad under Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan was waiting in the wings.   Who is in the wings now?   Palin?  Newt?  Romney?  Mitch Daniels?    Or someone we are not yet thinking of?    No one knows but 2010 is a Great Awakening Election that will effect the anointed one in 2012 as well.  See blog REDROCKSRIGHT.COM posted 9/18.