Ken Buck, leader; Jane Norton, follower

The Denver Post profiled Jane Norton and Ken Buck on July 29.   Jane is described as “rarely a trailblazer” and “dutiful as whatever she is asked to do.”   I would add like in running for the US Senate, not on her own volition but because John McCain asked her to.   In contrast the Post describes Ken as “stubborn and uncompromising” and “not afraid to act on his beliefs.”   In short, Ken Buck is a leader not a follower.  He reminds one of Harry Truman–an oak.   This not a time for a follwer in the mold of Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe nor to move Maine 2000 miles west to Colorado.   Much has been made of high heels (which I do not mind a bit if they are worn by a Sarah Palin type trailblazer) and cowboy boots.   We are supporting one who wears boots and blazes trails.   We are voting for Ken Buck.