Error on the Right in CO

Cory Gardner, opponent of Cap N Tax Democrat, Betsy Markey, for the 4th District in CO, and the Tea Party of No CO made an error in disinviting Congressman King of IA from their June 19 rally in Loveland.   King made controversial remarks on the G. Gordon Liddy program about Obama favoring blacks over whites.   Left and Right landed on King.   Do not recall our side defending President Bush when he was accused of doing little for New Orleans after Katrina due to his not liking black people.   The old double standard.

Gardner would have been better off to show some spine as King said in a dueling rally the same day in Loveland.   I attended the Tea Party and it would have shown unity for Gardner and King to appear together and say, while we do not always agree with one another we are one in defeating Obama and his Far Left agenda supported by Betsy Markey.

At that very Tea Party rally a speaker said we must think in new views and find courage to stand up.   The old media is dying fast.   Let neither Garnder nor anyone else fear them.    Let’s join Presidents like Kennedy and Reagan who laughed at them.   Let us not fear everything that wiggles.   Let us indeed find our spine.  REDROCKSRIGHT.COM