Competent and Incompetent Thugs

The original Mayor Richard Daley was a thug.   My wife and I spent the summer of 1974 working in inner city Chicago with youth from Cabrini Green as well as from the Latin Community and Appalacian Whites.   An exciting, dangerous summer.   We went to a city council meeting where the mayor would cut off an alderman’s microphone if he did not like what they were saying.   He was a thug but the city ran smoothly so he was a competent thug.   What we have in the White House are a bunch of thugs but they run only their mouths.   They are the thugs who cannot shoot straight.

But in the person of Sarah Palin, Ken Buck of CO and Bill Brady of IL hope is on the way.  Get to the polls in 2010 and vote conservative.   Let’s throw the Thugs out.