can you suggest honest questions for Obama? [Sure.]

I have been invited to attent a “town hall” type meeting with President Obama on Tuesday, the eleventh in Portsmouth, NH. I was informed that I may be selected to for the oportunity to directly ask questions regarding the health care reform legislation so hottly debated. Now, I have been hearing the retoric on both sides, as well as seen the unbecoming tantrums exhibited at local meetings, but would hope to move beyond all of that. Can the folks at Redstate suggest some honest, but hard hitting specific questions that may be asked directly of the President? For everyone else, maybe these questions could useful to actually have an honest debate with other officials.

[Why hasn’t he pinned back the ears of SEIU for escalating this to the level of actual physical violence? – ML]

[PS: Take your moral equivalence… somewhere else. “Unbecoming tantrums,” my left… eye.]