Now here's an idea. [G'bye]

If RedState’s Benishek supporters don’t like what you’re saying, they simply refuse to let you publish it.

[Hello! Neil here. Actually, you illiterate fool, I deleted your diaries because you were failing to obey the rules listed in the Write Post page, which warn that “Short, fluff diaries are subject to immediate deletion by management.”

If your posts had been substantive, they could have remained. But they weren’t so they didn’t.

But since you’re bent on your whack-job conspiracy theories, instead of just reading our rules and obeying them, I’m just going to go ahead and ban you now.

PS I don’t know who you are, or who the candidate you work for is, and I certainly don’t have an opinion on every two-bit House race in this country. There are 435 such races in America. You aren’t that important.]