Dan Benishek lies!

Jason Allen is, and always have been, opposed to the forced unionization of any industry.

S.B. 731 is intended establish the “Michigan Home Help Integrity Act” to protect those in need of home help workers from convicted felons and sexual predators by setting up a system for background checks.

After the introduction of this legislation, the Mackinac Center raised concerns that it could be used by the SEIU to unionize the home help workers, similar to what happened with the daycare workers in Michigan. After learning of this potential, Jason Allen held the bill in committee until they were able to amend it to make it perfectly clear that the forced unionization of the home help workers could not occur under this legislation.

As a small businessman, Jason Allen is a staunch advocate for business and has continually stood up to Granholm and the SEIU and voted against issues such as the card check and forced unionization of daycare workers in Michigan. His efforts to block this type of legislation has earned him the endorsement of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

I urge anyone who has an honest interest in this issue to READ THE BILL (as Benishek likes to say in his ads) as well as the Senate Fiscal Agency’s analysis of the bill.