Time To Beat The Liberals At Their Own Game!

It seems as if the left is definitely winning the culture war against normal Americans.  Everywhere you look,  liberalism is taking over.  Schools, courts, government, television, movies, etc. have such a liberal, crazy bent now,  that it seems as if we are living in a topsy-turvy world.  I think that normal Americans must start fighting back as if their country and way of life is at dire risk.  I think we have to “invade” all of the liberal controlled areas and populate these institutions with reasonable, right minded people. I think we need to form a legal group that is opposite of the ACLU to fight every law that seems  unconstitutional. They pass healthcare “reform” bam…the law suit challenging it is already prepared and filed that day.  We need this group to file lawsuits challenging everything the liberals do.  The ACLU has done that to us, to great effect.  I will donate to this new legal group, call it something like the “American Constitution Defense Union”  We need to use language as they have.  I say we start calling people that oppose normal Americans “Heterophobes” who suffer from “Heterophobia”  I say we call reverse racism at every instance of injustice,  or when the statistics don’t reflect the overall  population.  Is there reverse racism going on in basketball or football?  Why are whites and latinos so under represented?  Do these sports only have a few “token” whitesand Latinos?  Why is there a “Miss Black U.S.A. contest? Would a “Miss White U.S.A.” contest be ok? Why is it o.k to have “Black Entertainment Television” would the opposite be o.k? Don’t tell me it’s because the blacks are under represented on T.V. either,  we can turn it on for 5 minutes and disprove that. Why is it o.k for the leaders of a group named “La Raza” (Spanish for “The Race”) to meeting with the President, and be deeply involved in the Federal government? Would a white supremicist group get the same treatment? Before you dismiss me as a racist for focusing on these areas…think again. I want everyone to be equals,  to be Americans protected equally by the law. The libs have and continue to want to “divide and conquer” America by splitting us up, and have us so busy fighting each other that they can do as they wish with our institutions. I know that we as conservatives,  or what I prefer to call “normal Americans” (conservative has some negative connotations, but how can you demonize normal Americans?) don’t like to live our lives like this,  but our very way of life,  our freedoms,  our country hang in the balance.  We need to fight as if our live depend on it,  to save what we have enjoyed for our posterity.