What Ever Happened to "Keep Your Laws Off My Body"?

It’s funny when “our guys” are in power, we trust almost anything they do is the right thing.  When Bush was President,  he added all kinds of debt for us and future generations to pay.  Bush added layers of government,  new laws,  started 2 wars,  and alot of us thought he was our guy,  so we explained away, made excuses for his incorrect actions.  Now Obama’s minions are backing everything he does,  including things that take away liberties,  bring down our standard of living,  and control what medical procedures we can have, what medicines are available to us, what our deductible can be, and so on.  It will be ironic if in the future a conservative administration makes abortions unavailable,  AIDS medicines impossible to get…..and so on.  This is called short sightedness.  We are all guilty of it from time to time.  The femenists and liberals are willing to give up their freedom for perceived security….they will end up with neither.