Fort Hood killer "Acted Stupidly"

That’s what I think.  I wonder if Obama would agree.  I doubt it.  I am blown away by the stupidity of many in our country,  our media and our government.  I wonder if a Christian ran through an Islamic area shouting “Jesus Christ Is Lord” shooting Muslims,  if people would say it was an act of a radical Christian.  Say this man had told others he thought it was o.k to kill Muslim “non-believers”.  Say this Christian had communicated with foreign “christian terrorists” via the internet.  I don’t think that I need to go any further.  This was the biggest Islamic terrorist attack on America since 9/11.  That is why the government and military must tell you not to believe your lying eyes.  I predict we will endure more of these situations soon.  If the masses don’t rise up,  and demand common sense,  we will get what we deserve I suppose.