Sgt. Crowley is an Embarrassment!

Sgt. Crowley….you are a tool.  You said you did nothing wrong. You said that you did not racially profile the infamous Mr. Gates.  You have a meeting and say it was productive? What was productive? Did Gates apologize for his racist attitude towards you? Did Gates apologize for saying he’d see “yo momma on the front porch”? Did Obama apologize for saying you acted “stupidly”?  If not, either you admit to racial profiling, or you admit to beng star struck by the Obama show. Either way, I am disgusted by you, and I could care less what happens to you or your career from here on out.  I am so sick of our celebrity society, where people give up all morals and principals to suck up to “famous” people. What’s next Crowley? Got any kids that can do sleepovers at Gates’ freebie Harvard home? You are the epitomy of the problem with men in America.