Let's Make A Pledge To Each Other

Next year the politicians in D.C. will be sending armies of people to every corner of the country. Some will be members of “A.C.O.RN.”, some will not.  Regardless, many of us will have a government agent intruding deep into our personal lives. The questions will be from how many times we flush the toilet a day, how often we vote, how much money we make, how we spend our money, and on and on.  I will refuse this attempt to even pry deeper into my families personal decisions, habit, and belongings. Of course the government threatens that if we don’t go along with their questioning, they will fine us thousands of dollars. I say if 50,60,70 million of us say no, nothing will happen. I believe that if the Supreme Court can find a right to privacy in a woman getting an abortion, that right to privacy outweighing the right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”,  then this should be a slam dunk!  Let’s all pledge to each other that we will cite our right to privacy when asked to participate in the census . The next logical step would be to establish, or fund a vigorous legal defense fund that would fight this to the Supreme Court on behalf of anyone and everyone being charged for not answering this illegal intrusion. The Census was established only to get a count of the people so that we would be fairly represented in Washington, and that’s it! I will only tell them the number of people in our household, and we are all part of the human race. I hope millions will join me in the battle to get back our full freedoms, and begin to roll back the government intrusions into our daily lives.