Obama, How 'Bout We hook up Fo Some Watermelon and Chicken?

Sound racially insensitive? Well that’s kind of how I see the professor, Obama and Sgt. Crowley “beer night”  Do Obama and Gates see Sgt. Crowley as a Joe six pack? Is crowley Irish? (You know those Irish like their beer!)  Or do all white guys like to drink beer? Either way, it seems pretty stereotypical to “have a beer” with whitey. You see, the prof said in his application to Yale that “Whitey stands in judgement of me once again” and Obama quoted the former “reverand” Wright in his book, saying “White folks greed controls a world in need” Obviously Gates and Obama are on the same page about white people. So Obama gets in trouble, get’s his other racist buddy to do the “white thing” and have a beer with this simpleton police officer, to show America there is no racial divide. I can just imagine if everything was reversed, a white President invites the black over to the White House for some fried chicken and watermelon. Kind of makes ya think, huh?