Please....Let's Start The Divorce Proceeding

As a student and lover of history,  it is crystal clear to me that the U.S is in the beginning phases of falling apart. You can’t have a crazy government in D.C full of pin head academics who have never even been in a fist fight,  telling guys in Alaska or Montana how to live their lives. Watch an episode of the “Deadliest Catch” and tell me those guys want to give up 60% of their pay to support an illegal alien in L.A. with her 5 kids.  It’s all coming to a head, and soon we will have two choices, either part in a planned, peaceful way, or fight another civil war. I’m crazy you think? Tell that to the former Soviet leaders in 1978 or so.  We are now two peoples, the makers and the takers. The makers are getting tired of not only giving up a good portion of their earnings, but being told that we are greedy, bad people. The takers also want to impose government control of nearly every aspect of our lives.  I say we start putting alot of thought into dividing the country in two fairly, and then living side by side in peace. I don’t think we have even ten years to go before the trouble will start.