Please Don't Fall For It, SGT. Crowley

After a week where Obama (sorry I can’t ever bare to put the word President with that name) made an idiot of himself, and exposed his radical, racist self, now he’s trying to undo the damage.  Obama has invited the Sgt. and the black racist professor for a beer.  The black racist professor reportedly has apologized to Obama for derailing his health care spiel, and has agreed to make nice.  I say Sgt. Crowley, they are trying to use you to achieve their political aims. They are still both anti-white racists, and you having a beer with them will not change that. Obama didn’t even apologize for saying you acted “stupidly” Sgt. He said he regretted that his comments added to the anger and media attention. He should have “calibrated” his words more carefully. Translation; I got caught being a racist, and it messed me up by taking the attention off of my health care scam.  If you go to meet them,  everyone will come out smiling, and everything will be forgiven, but in private Obama and Gates will talk about what a stupid cracker you are, and Obama will thank Gates for playing along with him.  Don’t do it!