Please Bring Back The Daily Death Tallies

As Iraq winds down, our wonderful commander in chief is making good on his promise to heat up Afghanistan.  He seems to like the idea of following the Soviet model for war there. You know, bring in a bunch of regular soldiers, big heavy equipment. It seems that is a little more fair to the Taliban. You see, the Taliban needs more targets to attack. More supply trucks, more tanks and troop carriers. Those pesky special forces guys, you know the ones we saw on horseback with the beards early in that war, well they are tough to get a hold of. The special forces are also much better trained, more stealthy, and much more deadly. It’s guys that just got out of a six week boot camp that will even the odds out a bit for the Taliban.

 With all that said, Obama thinks he knows how to do Afghanistan better. He is changing the strategy and tempo there. He now “owns” that war.  Funny thing though, (not ha-ha, sarcasticly funny) is that more guys are dying there now. I just haven’t heard or seen the daily death tallies like I did up until January 20, 2009. It’s weird, but I don’t know the exact number of dead soldiers in either Iraq or Afghanistan anymore. I don’t see heart wrenching obituaries every night on the news. Please media, bring back the counts and the obituaries so that we can know the true cost of these wars.