Israel Survival Updates --- 22 February 2011 --- Somali "Pirates" Execute Four Americans --- Iran's Ships --- The UN Security Council.

Somali “pirates” execute four Americans.

UK teacher shown the meaning of by peace lovers – face slashed, skull fractured.

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Iranian Vessels Enter Suez Canal.

Two Iranian warships have entered the Suez Canal on their way to the Mediterranean Sea, Canal officials said Tuesday. “They entered the canal at 0545 (0345 GMT),” the officials told reporters.

Iran claimed that the warships were headed to Syria “for training.” Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and others called the move a “provocation”.

Iran can claim whatever they want and train wherever they will.  But if either one or both of those ships cross into Israeli waters by as little as one millimeter certified by GPS, I’m betting nothing larger than plankton-sized pieces will remain.

……and if ‘something’ is sent towards Israel without any provocation ?

Naaaaaaaah, I won’t go there.

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The shut down continues.

Egypt’s Stock Exchange remains closed.

Cairo (AP) – Egypt’s stock exchange says it has postponed the resumption of trading on the market until next week.

The Egyptian Exchange said in an e-mailed statement Tuesday the decision was taken after consultations with the Egyptian Financial Services Supervisory Authority and brokerage houses. It did not specify a date for the relaunch.

The exchange has been shuttered since Jan. 27, after its benchmark index shed almost 17 percent in two consecutive trading sessions as massive anti-regime protests gripped the country.

Wait…… I thought everything was fixed and good to go in Egypt.  Why doesn’t the exchange open ?  I guess they need more hope for change from The MB, eh ?

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Arrows Are Flying.

The Israeli Defense Ministry’s Research Authority and the United States’ Missile Defense Agency conducted a successful joint test of the Arrow anti-missile system Monday night off of the US’s west coast.

This was the 18th test of an interceptor from the Arrow “family” of anti-missile missiles. The Arrow was launched from an American test site on the West Coast, and the target – which simulates a threat that Israel may have to face in battle – was launched toward the shore from a platform in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

The cynic in me says that at least one person in our administration classified this test as ‘an Israeli missile launch against America’.

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The UN Security Council (Re. Libya).

The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday was expected to hold a consultation on the ongoing violence in Libya.

The meeting in New York, which will take place at 9 a.m. US East Coast time, was convened at the urging of diplomats at the Libyan UN mission who took a stand against their government.

Speaking in Los Angeles on Monday night, UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon told reporters that the Libyan violence was a “serious violation of international law” that was “unacceptable” and “must stop immediately.”

Really ?  Is that a fact ?  You don’t say ?  Whatcha gonna do Ban Ki, stamp your little feet and hold your breath until they see the errors of their ways ?

What about Iran’s treatment of their own civilians since 1979……… The daily peace-loving exhibitions against Israel……… How about the Dar…… Oh right…… The agenda…… How silly of me.

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Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me ?

Iran Condemns Libyan Government Violence.

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned, on Tuesday, Libyan government violence against anti-government demonstrators, especially air attacks that the Libyan government has denied. Iran called the violence unacceptable.

Um…… How can I put this…… Got it…… Tain’t ’nuff black floatin’ around the universe for that kettle of Hell to call out the p-pot.

I know what it is:  Jealousy.  Iran is envious that Libya is taking away some of the spotlight.

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