Israel Survival Updates --- 21 February 2011 --- Hizbullah In Iran --- Libya Is On Fire --- John McCain Promises Aid To Tunisia.

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Hizbullah Army Help Iran Suppress Massive Rallies.
More than 1,000 Hizbullah terrorist army fighters have joined a huge Iranian police deployment to crush wide-scale protests that have left at least two people dead and hundreds injured or arrested.

The Islamic Republic regime in Iran has apparently decided to deploy an overwhelming army of police, Revolutionary Guards and Hizbullah members to squash the rallies. The government seeks to prevent the kind of momentum that toppled rulers of Tunisia and Egypt, and threaten kings and dictators in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and other Muslim countries.

Foreign journalists have been barred from reporting on the Iranian demonstrations, and authorities have revoked work permits for 11 foreign journalists, photographers and cameramen for covering protests last week.

Nothing to see here !

There is no coordination anywhere in the Muslim world through The Muslim Brotherhood.

These are not the peace lovers you are looking for.

Move along.

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Norge :  Ond Jøder:  Komm seg ut.  Flytt det ambassade.  Du har en år…… Og tar de skittene Amerikanerne med deg.

The Israeli Embassy in Oslo, Norway was officially notified a few days ago that it must move to another location within a year, the Yedioth Ahronoth daily reported Monday.

According to the Norwegians, the embassy poses a security threat to its surroundings and has had a negative impact on the residents’ quality of life.

Michael Eligal, Israel’s ambassador to Oslo, sent the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem a cable saying embassy staffers were having a hard time finding an alternate site. “Our search has been frustrating, to say the least,” the envoy wrote. “No one wants to sell us property.”  A Foreign Ministry official said the affair is indicative of a new low in Israel-Norway relations. “The authorities in Norway are capitulating to public opinion that is hostile to Israel,” he said. “They are doing everything they can to make things more difficult on the embassy.”

The City of Oslo has also forced the American Embassy to relocate to a suburb.

……and just in case you don’t remember, or haven’t heard this before:

Norway upgrades official Palestinian status.

The boost from ‘general delegation’ to ‘diplomatic mission’ is in recognition of The Palestinian Authority’s efforts to establish independent state.

The United States and Israel should immediately offer the following to The City Of Oslo and The Norwegian Government overall:  Oppmerksomhet Norge : Dra spytt opp et tau.  Du er alene, Dhimmis.

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Duck and Cover !

In Israel, it’s a way of life.

‘School kids hide under desks’.

The Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee held a special session in the Negev on Sunday, with the participation of local council heads and IDF Home Front Command officials.

During the meeting the council heads complained that the government was not doing enough with regards to the fortification of educational institutions in areas that are under the constant threat of rocket fire emanating from Gaza.

Ashkelon Mayor Benny Vaknin said 10 schools and 22 kindergartens in the city were not fortified until he personally raised the necessary funds in the US. “With the help of pro-Israel Christian organizations, I provided these schools with hollowed-out concrete blocks which serve as shelters. Minister Matan Vilnai promised us the State would fortify these institutions.”

I can’t comment on this objectively in any manner, because I became unemployed back in July 2010 due to our county school board eliminating – not cutting back – eliminating the capital budget for electronic security in the schools and chopping about half of the physical on-campus security personnel.

When a nation fails to protect it’s citizens, especially it’s youth, something is terribly wrong.

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Hey everybody, it’s purge time courtesy of The Muslim Brotherhood.

Yippee !… Hooray !…… Celebration is in the air !……… Let’s par……………

Oh…………… Wait.

Egypt’s Brotherhood calls for purge of old guard.

(Reuters) – The Muslim Brotherhood, once banned and playing a growing role in the new Egypt, rejected a government reshuffle on Monday, calling for a purge of the old guard cabinet appointed by deposed leader Hosni Mubarak.

What could go wrong ?

Nothing, because it’s all a walk through the forest looking for the elusive rainbow-colored, candy-belching unicorn on his magic prayer rug soaring over the hopeychangey clouds of “Coexist” bumper stickers.

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Hamas Changes Hospital Name From ‘Mubarak’ to ‘Al-Tahrir’.

Hamas is changing the name of a children’s hospital in Gaza from Mubarak Hospital, named for the former Egyptian president, to Al-Tahrir Hospital, named for the square where the Egyptian revolution began and culminated. The hospital, in Khan Yunis, was built in 1993, and then PA chief Yasser Arafat offered to name it after Mubarak in gratitude for this role in the peace process.

The name change was instituted to celebrate the “youth revolution” in Egypt, a Hamas official said, and to show that Hamas does not support Mubarak.

OK, so who’s buying this latest bit of taqyia ?

With it becoming clearer by the hour that The Muslim Brotherhood involved in everything going on, it’s a good bet that the hospital was most undoubtedly renamed for these folks:  Hizb Ut Tahrir.  A Shari’a-is-everything group that advocates anything goes to advance Islam and destroy infidels and Jews.


Global Security.

BBC News from 2003.

Go over to YouTube and search for “The Fall Of Capitalism And Rise Of Islam”.  There was a conference here in American back in 2009.  Guess where…… Chicago.

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It’s the oil, stupid !
(Not hardly, but it sounded good for a moment or two.)

1. (Reuters) – Oil prices charged to a fresh 2-1/2 year high on Monday as traders eyed increasing violence in major producer Libya, feeding fears about rising inflation and restraining gains in equities.

2.  BP shuts it down and readies personnel for evacuations.

Ramping up is an understatement.

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1 Dead, 57 injured In Northern Iraq Protests.

Sulaimaniyah, Iraq  (AP) — Police and hospital officials in the northern Iraqi city of Sulaimaniyah said Monday that one person has been killed and 47 wounded during overnight protests.

A Sulaimaniyah police official said that around 2,000 people took part in scattered demonstrations around the city, 160 miles (260 kilometers) northeast of Baghdad, late Sunday. Many Kurds are frustrated with the tight grip with which the two ruling parties control the Kurdish autonomous region.

Iraq ?…… Must be Bush’s fault.   [/snark]

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