Israel Survival Updates --- 20 February 2011 --- UN Veto Recap Part Deux --- POTUS --- Libya --- Iranian Warships --- Egypt.

The UN Security Council Resolution Veto — Aftermath Part Deux.

Article at Ynet News.

State officials said Saturday that the US veto which prevented a UN condemnation of settlement construction is not a reason for celebrations. Israel is becoming increasingly isolated from West European countries which consider settlements a red rag, one element said. The senior officials said they do not rule out financial consequences as a result of Israel’s isolation.

Sources in Jerusalem also warned of the possibility of damage to Israel and Europe’s financial relations. “It is estimated that the weekend vote will have financial consequences in relation to Europe. There are countries which already boycott Israeli goods and things may deteriorate further.

Please remember that on behalf of The United States, The Obama Administration “regrettably” vetoed the resolution and the other fourteen nations voted for it.  Along with that, U.S. Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton stated that all Israeli settlements are “illegitimate“.

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Oh look…… Isn’t this just special:

US President Barack Obama told Abbas on Thursday night that no other American president has promoted the Palestinian issue more vigorously.

Ya know something ?  He’s right.

No other American president – including Jimmy Carter – has ever stood with the Muslims at this level.  It’s almost as if………

Naaaaaaah……… I can’t go there and of course…… ‘It can’t happen here.

I’d also better go on to the next news item before you click on the link and read where Hillary supposedly threatened to cut off all aid to The Palestinian Authority.   That Hillary…… What a great sense of humor she has.   Cutting off aid to The PA has about as much chance of happening as does her boss not bowing to every single puissant pestiferous pusillanimous punk of a dictator on the planet, Muslim or otherwise.

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A Muslim Minister Of The Israeli Knesset, Ibrahim Sarsour, has something to say regarding the current President Of The United States and his ordered veto of The UN Security Council resolution on Israel:

“Obama can go to Hell.”

“[The veto] proves for the thousandth time that Obama is worse than his predecessor Bush in his loyalty to Israel, his bias and double standards on the Middle East conflict, and in ignoring the ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people, land and holy places,” Sarsour wrote.

Okay, now that you’ve picked up your jaw off the floor, stopped laughing and maybe even called a few family, friends and neighbors to tell them what the man said, don’t get yourself full of ‘hope for change’ in any of this.  The man is also calling for “the Arab world” to immediately financially destroy America.

But wait, there’s more.

I’m going out on a limb here that if you’ve read any number of my Israel Survival Update diaries, you already know who Minister Of The Israeli Knesset Danny Danon happens to be.   If not, think on the lines of my state’s own ‘Lt. Col. Congressman Allen West’ and you’ll get somewhat close.

“I welcome his veto and I hope that it will be the start of a new, pro-Israel Obama for the first time since he took office, though I have my doubts,” Likud MK Danny Danon said.

MK Danon, I have my doubts too…… and that’s quite possibly the most toned-downiest and civilisticness way I can phrase it.

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Some serious and deadly goings-on.

1.  Libya Is Slaughtering Innocent Civilians, Hundreds Massacred.

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has a solid compilation of what’s going on and like me, she can get ‘a tad’ emotional about it all.

The article posted from UN Watch should alarm the most cynical around the world who are saying this is not The Muslim Brotherhood at work.

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2.  A link to my friends at The Jawa Report and news that the mainstream media is taking videos sent them by people literally under fire and copyrighting them to their own networks, then forcing hosting sites like YouTube to take down the videos for copyright infringement — and then never showing the videos as news.

Language warning at The Jawa site.  If you’re sensitive to cussin’ ‘n fussin’, don’t go there.

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3.  Internet’s Off.

(Reuters) – Internet service has been cut off in Libya for a second consecutive day as protesters step up demonstrations against longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi, a U.S. company that monitors Internet traffic said on Saturday.

Massachusetts-based Arbor Networks said data collected from 30 Internet providers around the world showed that online traffic in and out of Libya was disconnected abruptly at 7:15 p.m. EST on Friday after two partial interruptions earlier that day.

Somehow though, many reports are getting out – confirmed stuff, all of it.

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The Iranian Warships And Whiskey Tango Foxtrot On Steroids.

1.  On again off again is once again onoffmaybenobodyknows.

Article at Ynet News:

Suez Canal authority says Iran navy ships passage delayed until Wednesday.

The passage of two Iranian naval vessels through the Suez Canal has been delayed by 48 hours, a canal official said on Sunday.

The frigate and supply ship had been due to enter the canal with the northbound convoy that moves daily at 6 am (0400 GMT) on Monday.

Will at least one adult in charge over there please make up their mind on when the ships are gonna transit ?   I want to make sure I’m home when/if WWIV begins.

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2.  Because of the above news, I wasn’t going to post this article.  But I couldn’t let it go on so many levels, most of which centered on snarkification in extremis.  So……

What kind of stooooopid wrote this headline ?

Egypt Denies Iranian Ships Passed Through Suez Canal.

Egyptian officials at the Suez Canal have categorically denied an Iranian announcement on Al Aram TV Sunday morning that two of its warships had already passed through the canal.

The ships are allegedly the Kharg, a 33,000-ton refueling and support vessel, and the Alvand, a 15,000-ton light patrol frigate. According to a statement issued last week by the Iranian navy, the Kharg carries a crew of 250 and three helicopters. The Alvand is armed with torpedoes and anti-ship missiles.

It’s two Iranian warships.  They’re not 1/64 scale radio controlled toys.

Before openly exposing an incredible amount of writing ability approaching a Wyle E. Coyote-level of sheer genius, you’d have to be a tad daft to think the writer did not have access to at least one news report or at least one somebody – even a semi-official person – who would have a slight inkling if two hostile nation’s full-size armed ships of the line transited a 120 mile long waterway between two bodies of water, each of those large enough to be designated as a “sea”.

And people wonder why the world is coming apart at the seams ?

Oy vey.

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An article at Israel National News.

Ties That Bind Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood To Boston Mosque.

The spiritual leader of the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood has a long history in Boston, Massachusetts.

And the relationship continues, despite denials by the leaders of the Boston mosque – the largest in New England — where Yusuf al-Qaradawi once reigned as trustee.

Read it all and you’ll understand why this gent is called “Egypt’s New Hitler”.

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That’s all for now.   More items posted as warranted.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida