Israel Survival Updates --- 18 February 2011 --- The U.S. has "regrettably" vetoed The UN resolution to condemn Israel.

The United States has vetoed The UN resolution to condemn Israel.

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The United States Government did NOT want to veto the resolution.

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Once again, we’re going to start today’s news much earlier than normal, because I have a feeling things may heat up a tad during ‘normal business hours’ and I’d like my desk clear.  But then again, a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind.

All additional news items will be placed in the comments section.

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The phone call was today.

Obama made it clear to Abbas that the US would veto such a resolution.

Abbas calls emergency meeting of the PLO, Fatah leaderships in Ramallah; Obama tells PA leader US will veto resolution so as not to jeopardize efforts to resume peace talks.

OK, that’s something concrete.  At least way more concrete than that totally un-sourced and unconfirmed anywhere blog post on a site called ‘Foreign Policy‘ that just about everybody lost their minds over.

This is the closest thing to an official notification towards the positive as I’ve seen regarding what will occur on the floor of The UN today.

Pray it’s signed sealed and deliv…………

Oh wow, I just got an e-mail.  It’s a transcript of the phone call from President Obama to Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas.

I have a feeling this whole episode isn’t gong to end well.

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Riiiiiing…… Riiiiiing…… Riii…Hello, this is Chairman Abbas.

Yo Mahmoud, this is Barack.

Ehud, why are you calling me ?  We have nothing to tal……

No, this is   B a r a C k  –  from America.

Oh, that one.  What do you want ?

We’re gonna veto what you’re bringing to the floor at the UN.  I gotta go.  As-Salamu ala……

Boy President !   Do not talk to me this way !   Do you have any idea what can hap……

Mahmoud, the plan is to punt on this one for now.  It’s not the right moment yet and besides, I simply don’t have the time to deal with this or you.  I just wanted to touch base about what my last message said and they interrupted me during a golf lesson.  Talk to you later.

Now listen to me little one.  Your Blackberry will chime again in a few minutes and an another messa…… Hello ?!?…… Hel…… He just hung up on me…… WTF ?…… Ibrahim, get in here !

Yes sir.

Get me the man that fool deals with sometimes.

Who would that be, sir ?

What do you mean “Who would that be, sir ?”…… The Jew with all the money – Soreass or something like that…… Get him on the phone for me NOW ! before I hav…………

End of transcript.


Hey, if I didn’t snark it, I wouldn’t be me.

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The Israeli Derby ain’t a horse race.

The Israeli Derby is an A2A missile.

It’s being sold to India for their new-line Tejas fighter aircraft – the new design upgraded from the initial 2001 configuration.

India’s new Tejas fighter will be armed with Israel’s Derby missile, according to Indian website LiveMint. The Derby is medium-range active-radar seeker air-to-air missile, that can hit targets at about 50 km. away. Missiles that can achieve this range are known by the acronym BVR – beyond visual range.

A contract for supplying the Derby will be signed by March with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Rafael will also fit the missiles on about 200 jets, according to P.S. Subramanya, director of India’s Aeronautical Development Agency, which is developing the light combat aircraft.  The Indian Air Force (known, like its Israeli counterpart, as the IAF) has ordered 40 Tejas fighters to be built. The Indian Air Force also wants 100 units of the Mk-II version of the fighter, and the navy wants 60 of the naval versions, Subramanya said.  India’s Sea Harrier jets carry Derby missiles. Rafael’s Python missile, closely related to the Derby, was also an option for the Tejas, Subramanya stated.

In the past decade, as the Muslim world grows more religious and bellicose, Israel has been forging ever-closer ties with natural allies that also face a Muslim threat. These include India and may soon include South Sudan.

Those last two sentences say it all.

Israel is starting to trust other nations more than America.

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I.N.N. — Israel’s embassy in Istanbul and Consulate in Ankara closed.

Four Israeli embassies and consulates have been temporarily shut down due to a mounting terror threat, according to foreign press. Turkish newspaper Hurriet reported that the Israeli embassy in Ankara and the consulate in Istanbul are among the diplomatic missions that have shut their doors.

Ynet —Jews in Turkey fear attacks.

“Turkey is a dictatorship. They attack newspapers and there are raids against anyone who dares speak out against the government. Those who talk too much find themselves under investigation.”

A Muslim dictatorship ?…… No…… Not possible because of all the peace loving.

Snark aside, something’s telling me this embassy/consulate closing may be permanent.

Yeah, I know.  Probably not.  But it’s just an instinctive thing with me, because Turkey is steadily and purposely spiraling into full-on Islam governmental rule and they’ve been incessantly nipping at Israel’s heels since the flotilla insanity.

So why am I adding 1 + 1 and getting 11 ?

Anyway, It’s all good, because back in December, President Obama said the U.S. relationship with Turkey is ‘more important than ever‘.

But just for you-know-whats and giggles, what if Israel really is outta there ?

Turkey may be emboldened enough to try and ask/tell The US to am-scray too, because The Muslim Brotherhood has actually been the ones in charge for a while and they’re just ‘out of nowhere’ deciding to let that be known (a.k.a. El Caballo Troyano)  – and – Iran is Turkey’s new BFF – and – oh yeah…… What American nukes based in Turkey ?…… There’s no missiles and gravity weapons there…… That’s all some sort of ‘misunderstanding‘.  If there were weapons of that nature, they’ve been moved and most assuredly that was done by the evil Bush, because apartment houses have long ago been built on the former base sites and you must realize by now that peace lovers have no use for nukes at all.  So go away infidel Americans – leave our blessed-by-Allah Turkey – all of you – within 24 hours – or else – or else we’ll make him bow to us – again.

Wait…… I keep forgetting…… ‘It can’t happen here’.

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Addendum:  Turkey warns U.S. ambassador over media comments.

ISTANBUL, Feb. 17, 2011 (Reuters) — Turkish officials have warned the new U.S. Ambassador Francis Ricciardone against interfering in its domestic affairs after he commented on Turkey detaining reporters despite pledging support for press freedom.

State Minister Egemen Bagis, Turkey’s chief negotiator in talks with the European Union, said the United States had itself detained reporters in the past for not revealing their sources.  “The ambassador is very new. His comments about Turkey are not linked to his knowledge and experience, but what he has heard,” Zaman newspaper quoted Bagis as saying.  “There are journalists in his own country who are in jail for not revealing news sources.”

But…… But…… I thought it was all good ?

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