Israel Survival Updates --- 17 February 2011 --- At what point does Israel simp...... Never mind.

Good Morning.

It’s 12:30am here on the east coast of what’s remaining of America and 6:30am in Israel, so we may as well start right in on today’s news.

Will enter additions as warranted, the first few in this main panel, then as separate comments.

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Anarchy In The Sinai Peninsula.

The recent revolution in Egypt has had its effect on the Sinai Peninsula as well. Mass demonstrations by the Egyptian police have broken out in the northern Sinai in recent weeks, the Palestinian Authority-based Ma’an News Agency reported on Wednesday. According to the report, the demonstrators are protesting against their low quality of living as well as against the fact that they are forced to live in constant danger of death and kidnappings.

Ma’an reported that the demonstrators gathered in front of the security administration building in the northern Sinai and demanded that the rules of martial law cease to be applied to them, that their wages be raised and that protection be offered to them from gunmen who chased after them and burned down their homes in the city of El-Arish. They also demanded that security director Mohammad Najib and his assistant be dismissed from their positions.

The Muslim Brotherhood is playing all sides against each other, so they can ride in on their (Trojan) horse and ‘save the day’.

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Washington D.C.

US seeks to tighten sanctions against Iran.

WASHINGTON – As protesters take to the streets in Tehran and the Obama administration heightens its rhetoric against Iran, the US Congress is also looking to turn up the heat on the regime.

A new bill introduced on Wednesday seeks to tighten the American sanctions regime by requiring publicly traded companies and their affiliates to report their Iranian links to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sanctions against Iran.   Who’s kidding who ?

As Daffy Duck once said, “Ha ha.  It is to laugh.”

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Pakistan court adjourns U.S. prisoner case.

(Reuters) – A Pakistani court adjourned on Thursday without announcing whether U.S. consulate employee Raymond Davis, who shot and killed two Pakistani men last month, is protected by diplomatic immunity.

The case has triggered the worst diplomatic row in recent history between strategic allies Pakistan and the United States, and has fueled anti-American sentiment in the country.

The case was adjourned till March 14.

Lovely.  Just bloody lovely.

Where’s Team 7 when you need ’em ?

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The nation is catching fire.

Riot police storm Bahrain camp ; 2 reported dead ; Square filled with tear gas clouds……

Hours after police retook control of the plaza, the tiny island nation was in lockdown mode. Tanks and armored personnel carriers were seen in some areas the first sign of military involvement in the crisis. Police checkpoints were set up along main roadways and armed patrols moved through neighborhoods in an apparent attempt to thwart any mass gatherings.

Barbed wire was put up around Pearl Square and a message from the Interior Ministry declared the protest camp “illegal.” The air still carried the smell of tear gas more than four hours after the assault.

Remember, Bahrain is where our 5th Fleet is based.

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Kenny Solomon
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