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Popped in an update as a comment below.  Seems as if The First Lady Of The United States Of America has a cousin named Capers Funnye and he’s a Rabbi.  He also has a request of his cousin’s husband.  Click here or scroll down into the comments to see what I’m on about.



NY Times Columnist Thomas Friedman blames Israel for Obama’s response on Egypt.

Columnist Friedman Slams Israel’s Stance On Egypt.

NY Times Columnist Thomas Friedman.

He said that during the crisis the Israeli approach was to attempt to convince the Obama Administration to support Hosni Mubarak against the protesters calling for his ouster as Egyptian president, and to say “Look at us! Look at us! We told you so! We are the only stable country in the region, because we are the only democracy.’’

Freidman slammed the government for, on the one hand, saying Israel is Washington’s only reliable ally because it is a democracy but contradicting this by saying “whatever you do don’t abandon Mubarak and open the way there for democracy.’’

The journalist said that Jerusalem’s concerns about the peace treaty with Egypt being upheld are valid and understandable but that their behavior concerning the upheaval in Egypt is not benefiting Israel.

Typically bitter and still clinging to The Jihadist At 1600™, eh Mr. Friedman ?  That’s about as much as I dare to say, because anything else would be ‘a tad more intense’ and we here at RedState attempt to be civil, toned down and alw……… You disingenuous hypocritical lying sack of leftist garbage !  How are you able to look at yourself in the mirror ?  The time will come when the lot of y……… Good day sir !

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IAEA head affirms Iran ‘steadily’ enriching uranium.

Mr. Yukiya Amano, Director General Of The International Atomic Energy Agency.

Iran is steadily producing enriched uranium despite the 2009 Stuxnet worm, International Atomic Energy Agency Director-General Yukia Amano told The Washington Post in an interview published on Monday.

The IAEA chief told the paper that the agency is concerned “over the possible use of nuclear materials for military purposes – in the past and perhaps now.” He said that the Iranian regime has well over 3,000 kilograms of enriched uranium and continues to stockpile it contrary to UN Security Council resolutions to that effect.

Amano, however, admitted that the international nuclear regulatory agency doesn’t have much expertise in estimating when Iran might be capable of building a nuclear weapon. “What we are doing is [tracking] how much enriched uranium they have,” he said.

Translation:  We know what they’re doing, but we haven’t a clue what they’re doing and we can’t stop them from doing it or not doing it.  So we’ll keep making all those points simultaneously as loudly as possible, while blaming Israel, BushPalinBeck and The Tea Parties for all the ills in the world.

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Palestinian Authority.

PA Cabinet Resigning, Fayyad To Appoint New Ministers.

The Palestinian Authority’s cabinet ministers will tender their resignations Monday and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad will select new ministers in their stead. The shake-up is being carried out at the request of PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, political sources told international news agencies.

The shake-up was “long demanded by Fayyad and by some in Abbas’s Fatah faction,” according to Reuters. It is perceived as part of a domino effect in the Arab world, following the Tunisian and Egyptian rebellions. A similar move has been announced in Jordan, as well.

Change, but no hope other than violent death, destruction, slavery of citizens and the pending genocide of a people.

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In case you missed the last sentence of the Israel National News article above, Jordan’s King Abdullah II replaced his cabinet five days ago.

Jordan’s king swears in new Cabinet.

An official US State Department photograph from the 60th anniversary celebration of US-Jordanian ties.

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Jordan’s King Abdullah II swore in a new 27-member Cabinet on Wednesday in the wake of Egypt-inspired protests in his desert monarchy.

The reshuffle followed protests by thousands of Jordanians who had demanded jobs, reduced prices of food and fuel and a change to an election law that they say gives government loyalists more seats in parliament.

The new Cabinet includes holdover ministers, leftist unionists, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Jordan’s largest opposition group, and a prominent activist for women’s rights.

Look, I can understand Jihadists appointing the left, union goons and the rest, but a “former” member of The Muslim Brotherhood ?…… King Abdullah II appointed a dead guy ?

We should get a caption contest going on that photo.

Here’s my entry:  “A little more to the left and slower.”  😉

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