Israel Survival Updates --- 13 February 2011 --- They're Not Leaving --- Gaddafi Duck Quacks.


Algerians Defy Protest Ban.

Hundreds Arrested.

Algerian government shuts off all internet access.

For the geographically challenged, Algeria is on the north coast of Africa and the nation west of Tunisia, which is past the tipping point and east of Morocco, a nation quickly building to the tipping point.

But none of that’s coordinated by the peace-loving Muslim Brotherhood. No. Not any of it.

Gee, come to think of it, Spain is already a socialist nation with a heavy history and current Musli…… Naaaaah, the peace lovers would never move to close The Strait Of Gibraltar.  Why would they do that ?

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In Sanaa, Yemen, an estimated 2,000 protesters called to oust the government. The protesters were attacked by pro-government mobs armed with knives and clubs.

Protesters accused security forces of doing nothing to stop the attack.

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has promised to resign when his term is over in 2013. However, as happened in Egypt, demonstrations calling for his immediate resignation have continued despite his promise to relinquish power in the future.

Yemen is at the southern tip of The Red Sea and holds almost all of the northern half of The Gulf Of Aden.

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Somalia , in all it’s peace-loving splendor, is at the southern half of The Gulf Of Aden.

Pretty much nothing to see here either.

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The Palestinian Authority and Fatah.

Nabil Shaath, a member of Fatah’s Central Committee, congratulated the Egyptian people and said that a younger, democratic Egypt would offer more support for the Palestinians.

Meanwhile a top aide to President Mahmoud Abbas says the Palestinians will hold presidential and legislative elections by September, an apparent response to the popular protests that drove Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down late Friday.

“A strong Egypt would have a greater capability to support us now and in the future,” the senior Palestinian official said Saturday.

What could go wrong ?

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The plan to boost the power of The United Nations, Obama administration style.

Step one, click here.

Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, will argue in a major address Friday evening that the nation should “strengthen” — not “starve” — the world body.

The International Coalition For The Responsibility To Protect – ICR2P.

The International Council For Local Environmental Initiatives – ICLEI.

Global Governance 2025.

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Wait a second, this is supposed to be the the latest ‘Israel Survival Update’ and Israel wasn’t even a thought in any of it.

Really ?  You sure about that ?

OK then, if it’ll make you feel better, I’ll actually mention Israel.

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The Kansas City Star has something I liken to the classic Count, Pointer-Count*.  But these people are serious – and they’re dangerous too.

It’s called “Pro-Con”.

Does Hezbollah’s takeover of Lebanon doom Israeli-Palestinian peace talks ?

The debaters for this topic:

Pro — Mr. Lawrence J. Haas, American Foreign Policy Council — V.P. Gore’s Press Secretary and point man for Obama getting Peter Orzag confirmed as OMB Director.

Con — Professor John B. Quigley, Ohio State University — Formerly of Moscow State University.  Yes, that Moscow.  He was also a visiting professor at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Oh baby, that’s an equal-time and balanced duo if I’ve ever seen one.

My gut instinct told me to find out who these gents really were before I read one word of the article.  Took me a while to stop laughing after I was done.

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* If you don’t know what ‘Count, Pointer-Count’ is, look it up, but be forewarned on language.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida