Israel Survival Updates --- 9 February 2011 --- UK: Israel is belligerent --- Halt all aid to Egypt --- UN Security Council --- Iron Dome.

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British Foreign Secretary Hague (seated – center) urges the Jewish state to tone down its ‘belligerent’ language in the wake of the uprising in their neighboring country.  ‘This attitude means efforts at peace could ‘be a casualty of uncertainty in the region,’ he warns.

“Amidst the opportunity for countries like Tunisia and Egypt, there is a legitimate fear that the Middle East peace process will lose further momentum and be put to one side, and will be a casualty of uncertainty in the region,” Hague said in an interview with The Times en route to Jordan.

He added that “part of the fear is that uncertainty and change will complicate the process still further. That means there is a real urgency for the Israelis and the United States. Recent events mean this is an even more urgent priority and that’s a case we are putting to the Israeli Government and in Washington.”

FS Hague, sveetie, dahlink, come sit down, have a glass tea and listen to bubbe.

Comfortable ?

Tea not too hot ?

Good.  Now getcher schnozz outta our bidness, fershtay ?

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Former IDF Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz:  US should halt all aid to Egypt and……

Israel needs to re-examine the true readiness of the Obama administration to stand behind it’s commitment to the governments of Israel and the extent of its willingness to honor its obligations that were achieved in strategic dialogues between the two countries.”

“The United States must clearly define, without vacillating,” its relation to the Middle East, he added.

Mr. Mofaz, it’s kind of obvious to most sane people that The Jihadist At 1600™ has put the bulk of his cards on the table.  If you’re gonna raise him, best not be with a bluff.

Click on the link above for the full article and video report from Israel National News.

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Oh yeah, this’ll fix everything real proper-like.

The UN Security Council may pay a visit to The Middle East.

The Russian ambassador to the United Nations has proposed that Security Council members go on a mission to the Middle East. Topping the agenda would be Israeli-Arab negotiations and the turmoil in Egypt and elsewhere.

Here’s an idea:  Israel should greet the traveling party with the next news item – operational and looking for a reason.

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Israeli Knesset Defense Committee:

The first two batteries of the Iron Dome system must be stationed in southern Israel as soon as possible.

The lawmakers wrote in their report that should their recommendations be applied all across Israel, the country would be well protected from short-range rockets and perhaps even medium-range rockets.

Git-r-done !

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