Israel Survival Updates --- 3 February 2011.


Was backed off for most of the day.  Serenity granted, tone lowered, even spent a few hours watching a gummy-bear-cr***ing Unicorn on a multi-colored prayer rug flying carpet have a butterfly guided voyage over the rainbow and much more to settle myself.

Still though, no matter what I do, the news finds me.  I don’t look for it.  But worse, as much as I try to tone it down and be civil, the highly dangerous snarkaholic in me comes out.  I can’t stop it and no, I don’t want to hear about the 72-step program offered in all 57 states.  That simply doesn’t work for me.

Here’s what’s on the board right now:

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Whata shocka.

Muslim Brotherhood: We’ll cancel Israel treaty.

Deputy leader Rashad Al-Bayumi of Egypt’s Muslim brotherhood declared, on Thursday, his movement’s intention to cancel Egypt’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel. Interviewed by Japan’s NHK television, Al-Bayumi said the treaty harms Arab honor and the interests of Egypt and other Arab states. He added that cancellation of the treaty would be one of the demands made of a temporary government after the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

Al-Bayumi said the Muslim Brotherhood’s hostility toward the United States is based on U.S. support for Israel and Egypt does not need American financial aid.

Oye, amante de paz – maniaco genocidio:  Vaya saliva arriba una cuerda.  Usted quizas sea un lenador, pero usted no es bueno.

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Q. – So then, exactly what is Obama’s commitment to the Egypt-Israel peace treaty ?

A. – It’s exactly what his owners will tell him it is.

Here’s State Department Spokesman (and Center For American Progress Senior Policy Advisor) PJ Crowley to explain via an article at Israel National News:

“Well, obviously, when a new government is formed, it will have to review its policies with regard — its foreign policy, which would include its policy with its immediate neighbor, Israel,” Crowley began.

“Egypt has been a leader in the peace process. It has been an anchor in the peace process. We would value and welcome Egypt continuing to play that role. We hope that the new government will follow that policy.

Oh goody, we’ve got a new campaign slogan:  ‘Hope for no change’.

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Nobody ever said these things worked in only one direction.

Tunnels being used to smuggle goods out of Gaza.

The tunnels under the Philadelphi Corridor between Gaza and Egypt, used in the past to smuggle arms and supplies from Sinai into Gaza, are now an important lifeline of supplies for Sinai residents facing acute shortages because of the turmoil in Egypt, the Lebanese daily Al Akhbar reported Thursday.

According to the paper, which supports Hizbullah, traders in control of the tunnels have “been working for days” smuggling bread and food in the “opposite direction” – from Gaza into Egypt – because of “supply disruptions” from Cairo to the Sinai.

I’m sure it’s only completely peace-loving items passing through the tunnels this time.

After all, it’s only the three-quarter crazies who are trying to avoid the full-on genocidal maniacs.  Beyond that, there’s nothing to see here.

It’s not close to even remotely possible that the Muslim Brotherhood could be using the tunnels in coordination with Hamas and Hizbollah right ?  We’ve all been told over and over and over by the media (between their trips to the emergency room) that The Muslim Brotherhood is doing everything completely out in the open to gather signatures on petitions, register people to vote and participate in the upcoming September elections and peacefully become the new government structure in Egypt…… and Lebanon…… and Tunisia…… and Jordan…… and Syria……and Yemen…… and…………

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We’ll end the main news today on somewhat of a biblical note……

Detectives from the Nahariya police station searched a suspect’s private home Thursday for suspected illegal weapons, but instead of guns, they found a large hoard of ancient coins dating to Second Temple times, as well as other assorted ancient artifacts.  The coins appear to have been collected from numerous sites over a long period of time.

The police handed over the coins to the Crime Prevention Unit in the Israel Antiquities Authority, whose investigators will inspect the treasure trove and question the suspect regarding the places at which he found them. Police did not make clear whether the suspect will be charged with theft of antiquities.  The house searched is located in the Arab village of Mazra’a, near Nahariya. A relative of the suspect who was at home when police arrived said that the coins belong to his father.

The left:  A few trinkets and some loose change from ‘back in the day’ don’t compare to what was being actually sought.  If this guy would have even one old half-broken totally rusted and non-working evil scary-looking gun, he’d be in real trouble.

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Remember that to the average person and especially those on the left and in the media, it’s ‘only’ Israel and ‘only’ the Jewish people’s literal existence.

No biggie.  American Idol is on anyway.

Also…… It can’t happen here.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida

Tool up…… It’s coming…… You know…… “It”.