Israel Survival Updates --- 2 February 2011 --- Mubarak Has 48 Hours To Live --- Four Israeli Journalists Arrested --- Major Riot In Tahrir Square --- CNN's Anderson Cooper Assaulted.

Please remember to not take your eyes off their prize(s):  Their goal is for The Muslim Brotherhood to officially run it all as one entity – Egypt Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, etc. – The Islamic World with Target 1 being Israel and all Jews ; Target 2, America and Americans.

Because I don’t have a rang ‘stress relief center’ on the property, it’s snark for commentary time here at ‘The It’s Not OK Corral’.

I’m thinking Mr. El Baradei must be misunderstanding something about Islam because he’s threatening to kill someone.  That never happens in the Muslim world.  Ever.  Right ?

Israel National News article and video link at Mr. Breitbart’s website:

Video here:  ElBaradei: Mubarak A Dead Man Walking.

Egyptian uprising idol Mohammed ElBaradei has ordered Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to leave the country by Friday or he will be a “dead man walking” and not just a lame-duck president.

The aging Egyptian leader, reportedly suffering from cancer, insists he will remain in power. He said Tuesday night, “This dear country is my country … and I will die on its land.”

Yes sir, Mr. Mubarak, that you will.  Your very own theocratic nightmare of a book guarantees that will happen if you go even slightly against the true believers.

Note to the unenlightened…… They’re gonna ‘off’ Mubarak anyway.  No doubt in my mind.

Wait a sec…… Egyptian Idol ?

I knew it.  Just like the TV show here, it’s a pre-determined outcome based solely on image forced on the public and perceived marketability.

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Jerusalem Post:

Mubarak supporters break human chain, flood Tahrir Square.

CAIRO — Pro-Mubarak demonstrators were tearing down anti-Mubarak banners that have decorated Cairo’s Tahrir Square for three days Wednesday afternoon. Tanks on the periphery of the square were starting to move in anticipation of unruly crowds.

Protests in Tahrir Square have been mostly peaceful since Sunday, but the crowds have also been entirely anti-Mubarak. Thousands of the Egyptian president’s supporters were streaming into the square now waving flags and giants posters of the 30-year ruler of Egypt.

Just a matter of timing before they really start loving peace on the streets of Egypt.

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Israel is finally going to begin doing something about the politically motivated threats to their nation and a really good guy is leading the way:

Knesset House Committee Investigating Leftist NGO’s.

The Knesset’s House Committee approved two parliamentary inquiries into leftist non-governmental organizations on Wednesday.

One committee, headed by MK Danny Danon, would examine “the involvement of foreign bodies and states in funding activities against the state and attempting to acquire its land.” The second, headed by Fania Kirschenbaum, would probe “overseas funds and states funding Israeli organizations that participate in the delegitimization of IDF soldiers.”

Two hints for Israel’s Knesset:

1. You’re not going anywhere close to deep enough.

2. Y’all definitely heard of them before, but I’d suggest ’em as a starting point: “J-Street”.  Definitely a ‘leaning-to-port’ NGO.  Not only do y’all need to investigate them, you might want to bring in some of the Mossad passport people right from the start…… Hey, I’m just sayin’.

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