Israel Survival Updates --- 1 February 2011 --- Surrounded By Peace Lovers.

It’s all about what’s coming to Israel – with America next – and if you don’t get it now, forever hold your peace (lover) and move on to something else.

We’ll start today with something regarding the growing-exponentially-dangerous-by-the-hour situation in Egypt that had me get ‘a tad’ dangerous and snarkified to the absolute edge – no apologies at all to anyone.

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US diplomat to meet with Mubarak.

Awwwww, isn’t that sweet.  He’s from the US government and he’s there to help.

A veteran US diplomat sent to Egypt to gauge the turbulent situation there will meet with President Hosni Mubarak, The New York Times reports.

Frank Wisner, a former ambassador to Egypt who knows Mubarak, landed in Cairo on Monday, and the US believed it would be “useful” for him to meet with the president directly and get his perspective, State Department spokesman Philip J Crowley told the paper.

PJ Crowley again speaking for America – Soros’ boy.

Such a nice benign first sentence, eh ?   That was so chock-full of hopeychangy Skittle-sh***ing unicorn dreams, I had to actually stop myself from registering as a Democrat.

This is how the first sentence in the article should read: ‘Obama sends whacked-out leftist Carter flunky who’s also a former US Ambassador To Egypt and the former vice-chair of the US Gov’t-owned AIG Corp. back in-country to tell the infidel Mubarak he must step aside or be beheaded, because the order from the guys who run the Jihadist-At-1600™ says it’s time for ‘real’ Muslims to take the reigns.

Give a look into this guy Wisner over at WikiPedia – yeah, I know – WikiPedia.

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Article at Israel National News:

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Message is The Same As Hamas: Kill Jews.

Many Western analysts agree that the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are one and the same. One leading Brotherhood cleric has said: “Kill Jews – to the very last one.” A Brotherhood takeover of Egypt would strengthen Hamas in Gaza.

Another Brotherhood leader told an Arab language newspaper Monday that Egyptians “should prepare for war against Israel.”

In plain-speak for the ‘it can’t happen here’ crowd:  The Muslim Brotherhood is the home office for all the true believers – including something called The M.A.S., The Muslim American Society and another one called C.A.I.R. – The Council On American Islamic Relations.

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Combined report from AFP, Reuters and AP hosted at Ynet News:

Jordan – King Abdullah fires his government.

After weeks of opposition protests inspired by regime ouster in Tunisia and turmoil in Egypt, Abdullah names his former ex-military advisor Marouf Bakhit as new prime minister with orders to carry out ‘true political reforms’.

Hmmmmm…… Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, now Jordan.  Plus, Syria is set to have “A Day Of Rage” this coming Saturday.  Naaaaah, it’s not possible this could all be coord………… Hey, look over there.  American Idol is on.

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Op-Ed at Ynet News.

Obama’s shortsightedness might change the world order by serving Iran’s interest – which is to change the regimes in the regional countries that are still moderate. Not to mention a situation in which there is a nuclear Iran, and the United States is completely out of the Middle East.”

His name is Eytan Gilboa, a professor from Bar Ilan University in Israel.  He’s one of the nation’s top ‘students of America’.

Preofessor Gilboa, I’ll propose substituting two words in your statement and all will be much clearer.  The words to take out are “shortsightedness might”.  Replace them with the words ‘complicity will’.

One more thing Professor, it’s not Obama all by his lonesome.  It’s the entire executive branch of the current US government.  The unelected.  The ‘Czars’.  Obama’s bosses and string-pullers, including those outside of America.

How’s that hope and change workin’ for ya now ?

Kenny Solomon
South Florida

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