Israel Survival Updates --- 31 January 2011 --- Israel And America Are The Targets.


First up, something pretty cool, then we’ll go for the ‘you’d better tool up’ news.

The State Of Israel And The European Space Agency Sign Revolutionary Agreement.

A video report and article from Israel National News.

A first of its kind agreement on cooperation in Space Research and Exploration was signed between the Government of the State of Israel and the European Space Agency – ESA.

The signing ceremony was held as part of the Sixth International Ilan Ramon Conference. Ilan Ramon was Israel’s first astronaut and he was killed in the Columbia Shuttle explosion. His widow Rona attended the ceremony.

The latest agreement follows similar agreements between Israel and the French and Italian space agencies.

I’d post up the video to Mel Brooks’ “Jews In Space”, but I haven’t the slightest idea how to embed video files and right now, I’m way too ‘edgy’ for figuring it out, because……

Courtesy of my friend Janet at The Jawa Report a little ‘see, I told you so’ moment:

CNN’s Nick Robertson speaks with some of the “Democracy seeking” Muslim protesters who have nothing but genocidal remarks to offer him.

And just so you don’t think the above is some sort of one-off, here’s an article from The Jerusalem Post:

Anger starting to focus on Israel, USA.

Saturday’s optimism on the streets of Cairo for imminent political change gave way to anger on Sunday, as thousands of demonstrators became increasingly frustrated with the lack of response from major world leaders, especially the US.

This is going already ugly, getting beyond dangerous and a whole bunch of nudges shoves are on the way from all sides.

If I were you – and I’m not – If I were you, I’d pay real close attention to the protests happening around our nation and who’s attending them.  The ANSWER Coalition is among the organizers of ‘get togethers’ on the streets of America in support of anarchy – they want The Muslim Brotherhood to ‘win’ in Egypt and get rid of the US-Israeli-backed regimes.

This is from Jim Hoft at Gateway PunditIn case your are not sure about this radical group’s intentions… They are the same organization that is holding protests in support of the Marxist Chavez regime on February 2, the anniversary of his regime’s assault on the people of Venezuela.

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