The National Center For Advancing Translational Sciences.

Major thank-you’s and a huge tip of the hat to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit for the story.

This will not be a lengthy diary, as I don’t trust myself to remain civil or tone down at all.

The National Center For Advancing Translational Sciences.

Know what that is ?  It’s a new US Government agency.  Actually, it’s a new US Government corporation inside an agency.

Got any idea what they’re gonna produce ?  How about pharmaceuticals.  Yeah, drugs.

Not a clue how I missed this back in early December.

December 7, 2010 – Reuters:

The new National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences would do some of the dirty work that pharmaceutical companies cannot or will not do, by taking promising but uncertain basic scientific findings out of the test tube and finding ways to use them to treat people, NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins said.

From today, January 23 2011 – San Francisco Chronicle:

Whether the government can succeed where private industry has failed is uncertain, officials acknowledge, but they say doing nothing is not an option. The health and human services secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, sent a letter to Congress on Jan. 14 outlining the plan to open the new drug center by October.

Creating the center is a signature effort of Collins, who once directed the agency’s Human Genome Project.

The current Executive Branch of The United States Government – Barack Hussein Obama, Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, Kathleen Sebelius, Dr. Donald Berwick and the rest of the Eugenicists, population controllers and death panelists in the administration – They’re now running a pharmaceutical company.

Naaaaaaah, those folks listed would never even remotely consider doing research and development of anything whatsoever directed toward eliminating diss………

Repeat after me: “It can’t happen here”.

I’d better stop now or I’ll get seriously ‘edgy’ from all the ‘nudging’.

The House cannot allow funding for this.  Not one thin dime.  Ever.

What’s needed here is extreme vigilance in the form of real Congressional oversight and citizen activism 24/7/365 on whoever is involved in this NCATS monster.  Because you damn well know when/if The House actually does deny funds, a ‘nudge’ in the form of an exec order or presidential memorandum will be issued to simply fold it all into HHS using part of their existing operating budget.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida

Turning a Democracy into a Kleptocracy does not enhance the stature of the thieves, it only diminishes the legitimacy of the government.”…… Justice Janice Brown – Supreme Court of The State of California, 8 March 2002.