Haiti --- Duvalier Returns From Exile. --- --- Update 19 January --- He's not leaving.

Update 19 January 2011 – Approximately 9:30pm Eastern Time — Baby Doc is home to stay.

Click here:  See, I told you so…… He’s not leaving.

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Update 19 January 2011 – Approximately 11:15am Eastern Time — Baby Doc’s been charged.

Click here:  The Charges: “Corruption” and “Misappropriation Of Funds”.

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Update 18 January 2011 – Approximately 12:15pm Eastern Time — Baby Doc’s in a bit of a bother.

Click here:  Baby Doc Duvalier arrested by Haitian Police.

Original diary below.

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Uh oh.

(Reuters) – Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier made a surprise return from exile to his Caribbean homeland on Sunday, saying he wanted to help in the rebuilding of his earthquake-battered nation.

His unexpected return comes at a time when Haiti, still the poorest state in the Western Hemisphere, is facing political uncertainty following November 28 presidential and legislative elections whose preliminary results have triggered fraud allegations and violent street protests.

A source close to Duvalier said he had returned under a diplomatic passport, but was required to inform Haiti’s Interior Ministry of his whereabouts.

“His unexpected return……”

a. The nation is out of control.

b. Cholera is running rampant.

c. So is civil unrest.

d. There’s no accounting for a few billion dollars worth of aid and direct cash sent.

There’s nothing “unexpected” about this at all and his return is not a ‘surprise’.  Not for anyone who’s been paying attention, that is.  This could never have happened without Haiti’s President Preval’s approval and some big-time international diplomatic dealings.

‘International’ meaning solely American and French.

Best to watch the foreign news services, because it’s a good bet you can expect the body count to start rising exponentially.

……and if the entire staff of Haiti’s Interior Ministry ‘mysteriously disappears’ one fine morning – like maybe tomorrow – then Baby Doc doesn’t have to inform anyone of anything.

President Obama and the administration here will either totally ignore this situation – or – what’s more likely to occur in my opinion, congratulate Baby Doc for being back, saying they’re looking forward to working with him as a ‘peace partner’.

Next up, bank on a gent named Jean-Bertrand Aristide demanding full reinstatement.

Haiti is about to break apart at the seams.


My friend and recent candidate for FL-22 Bernard Sansaricq, a native of Haiti and former President of the Haitian Senate, has sent me several startling commentaries from some of his contacts and the accusations of how Duvalier was allowed to return are staggering.  They point directly to some of ‘the usual suspects’ here in America and it all makes sense – Totalitarian sense.

When and if any of this ‘connect the dots’ stuff is proven, I’ll post the information here.  Until then, what’s above are facts from Reuters with my opinions on scenarios added.


UPDATE — 17 January 2011, 7pm Eastern Time — Photos.

The following are a few of the many photos sent to Bernard from one of his contacts in Haiti.  Some of the pics the gent took were used by AP and Reuters, as well as picked up by other news services.

This first photo shows some of Mr. Duvalier’s supporters dancing in the streets that he’s back.  No kidding. Dancing.

From behind a member of the security force protecting Mr. Duvalier, this is the hotel where he’s currently staying.

A few media personnel wished to have a moment with the gent, who is apparently their hero.

Mr. Duvalier seems to have his very own Mini-Me.

News updates are below in the commentary section.

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