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Here’s a few news items you may have missed.

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Ohio School Cafeterias — Boll Weevils In Noodles And Mold On Strawberries.

The items were served anyway.

Oh don’t worry though, the noodles were washed and the mold was scraped away.

No, this isn’t a joke.

Two articles from The Portsmouth (Ohio) Daily Times.

New Boston Schools notified parents Friday that lunches served to students on Thursday may have contained boll weevil beetles.  Staggs said the tiny bugs were inside one 5-pound bag of dried noodles used to make chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes on Thursday. The kitchen staff at first thought they were pepper flakes.

The lunches were served in all three school buildings.  Superintendent Mike Staggs said he has accepted the resignation of the district’s food services director, Phyllis G. Holsinger, and two kitchen workers have also been placed on unpaid suspension.

But wait, there’s more.

Administrators from Portsmouth City School District confirmed Tuesday that kitchen staff working at the high school found mold on frozen strawberry desserts Thursday, and decided to remove the moldy parts and serve them to students anyway.

The Portsmouth City Health Department says the food isn’t dangerous to students.

Somebody get Michelle “Food Czar” Obama on the line…… She has to be made aware that somebody violated the administration’s orders and put proper food in the bugs and mold being served to kids in a red state !

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I wonder when they’ll institute the death penalty for a first offense……

(Reuters) – Bhutan police can raid homes of smokers in a search for contraband tobacco and are training a special tobacco sniffer dog in a crackdown to honor a promise to become the world’s first smoke-free nation.

……legislation passed in the new year, granting police powers to enter homes, is set to stub out the habit, threatening five years in jail for shopkeepers selling tobacco and smokers who fail to provide customs receipts for imported cigarettes.

“When it comes to the penalties in the tobacco control act, it is, in every sense of the word, draconian,” the country’s largest selling newspaper, Kuensel, said in an editorial.

The left in America is looking at this, licking their chops and will press for a nice-size “nudge” in the form of an Exec. Order.

Dang it…… I keep forgetting…… It can’t happen here.

Never mind.  We’ll go to the next article.

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I’m French, f**k you !”

Article from AFP hosted at Breitbart.com.

A 34-year-old French national has been charged with assault and interfering with flight personnel who confronted him about smoking in the lavatory during a flight between Nice and New York, officials said Tuesday.

A criminal complaint filed in New York says that Franck Lebrun “did knowingly and intentionally assault and intimidate a flight crew member and flight attendant of the aircraft” during a flight Saturday.

A federal air marshal on the plane intervened and “instructed Lebrun to return to his seat,” and two other air marshals confronted him later but Lebrun “continued to scream and yell expletives and then aggressively positioned himself toward one of the federal air marshals in a fighting stance.  This prompted the air marshals to handcuff and place him in the rear section of the aircraft.  Lebrun nonetheless “continued to verbally abuse individuals around him, yelling in substance ‘I’m French, f**k you!'” the document said.

Mr. Lebrun, I’m American.  Ditto right back atcha.

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“Clueless big-mouthed idiot !”

Taiwan — AFP report via Breitbart.com.

The offensive squawks of a pet bird so enraged a Taiwanese man that he sued its owners — his neighbours — for inflicting emotional stress and injuries, a report said Tuesday.  Wang Han-chin, an electrician in central Taiwan, accused five neighbours of teaching their mynah, a parrot-like bird, to curse at him as revenge after he complained to the police that they were too loud, the Liberty Times reported.

Wang alleged that whenever he left home, the bird would see him off with the words “Clueless big-mouthed idiot”, causing serious distress and making him lose concentration at work so he suffered burn injuries, it said.  He pressed charges, but the neighbours denied instructing the bird to curse and prosecutors decided to drop the charges due to insufficient evidence linking the bird to his injuries, it added.

Hey, at least they didn’t teach the critter to get drunk, smoke in a bathroom and say “I’m a bird, f**k you !”


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Los Angeles City Hall Taken Over By Rats.

No, the four-legged type.

It’s the rain…… Yeah, that’s the ticket…… The only reason for the rats is all the rain lately.

Report from the local CBS TV outlet in L.A.

While there is no shortage of theories seeking to explain the infestation — ranging from leftover food to budget cuts — city officials say it’s the recent rainy weather that has brought out the rats.

The situation has reportedly deteriorated to the point that officials have purchased electronic devices known as “rat zappers” designed to trap and kill the rodents.

Give it a day or two and PETA plus the rest of the animal rights loons and politically correct maniacs will demand not one hair on a single rodent be harmed…… and the city will more than likely agree, exponentially upping the cost and time needed to get rid of the critters.

Heh…… Rats coming into a sinking ship. Whodathunkit ?


More news is out there, but that’s enough for now.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida