It's "Soft Target Day" In Alabama, Arizona, Idaho And Nebraska.

Alabama — “She was asleep in her bed when she was struck by a bullet….”

She was six years old.

Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin said the capital murder charges, which carry a possible death penalty, were filed against 18-year-old Aaron McDowell and 17-year-old Bernard Nix, both of Alexander City, and 25-year-old Stalandus Slaughter of Eclectic.

The slain child, Kenyatta Kendrick, was a first-grader at Eclectic Elementary School.

She was six years old.

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Arizona — The shooter was ‘inadvertently released’ from prison last month.

Shots fired by ‘gunman’ at ‘Full-Of-Victims Zone’.

WitnessKatie Corbin, who was inside Chandler Fashion Center at the time of the shooting, told KTVK-TV that people went to the back of the Victoria’s Secret store after shots were fired. The upscale shopping center includes a Banana Republic, Coach, Nordstrom and other stores. She said the situation inside the mall was “scary.” Corbin says a SWAT team was running on the upper levels of the mall looking for the gunman.

The ‘gunman’ has thankfully been grabbed by L.E.

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Idaho — Man abducted his wife and child, then killed his mother.

(AP) – An Idaho man is being held without bail after authorities say he tied up his wife, forced her into the trunk of his car, put their infant in the back seat and drove to his mother’s home, where he ate dinner with his mother and then stabbed her to death.

Michael James Lee, 24, of Meridian was arraigned Wednesday on a first-degree murder charge in the death of 46-year-old Lynn Marie Blake. He was arrested Tuesday night at his mother’s home in Eagle, about 15 miles northwest of Boise.

The last sentence of the article makes one stop and wonder a bit:

During a brief court appearance, he was ordered held without bail in the Ada County Jail, where he worked for two years before being fired in January 2010.

My guess is his neighbors will say he’s a really nice guy, led a quiet life, helped out around the block and yada yada yada……

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Nebraska — “Gunman” opens fire at Millard South High School in Omaha.

Video at Breitbart.

Motive under investigation — Suicide note on Facebook — Father is a cop………

You can already imagine what’s coming in the article you’re about to read.

(Reuters) – The son of a police detective shot and wounded the principal and assistant principal of his high school on Wednesday, then shot himself in his car a few blocks away, authorities said.


Butler’s motive was under investigation, Omaha Police Chief Alex Hayes told reporters, but his father was a police detective, which gave the son access to firearms.

Nice inference Mr. “Journalist”.  Just because the kid’s dad is L.E. means that’s the one and only way he can get his hands on weapons, right ? You disingenuous hypocritical leftist piece of sh……….

I’d better stop.

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Please take some time out of your day to say a prayer for those lost and wounded, plus give thanks to those in L.E. who are out there all day every day in an attempt to help keep our society civil.

One L.E.O. in Oregon wasn’t so lucky today though……

RAINIER, Ore. – A Rainier police officer was killed Wednesday during an exchange of gunfire in Rainier, a small Oregon town along the Columbia River.

Press release from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office:

A reported disturbance at a Rainier car audio shop turned deadly this morning when the responding officer got into a struggle with a suspect, and was killed by gunshot.

The officer responded to the disturbance at 75938 Rockcrest Street in Rainier, the location for Rainier Sound Authority. The officer made contact with the suspect at the store and a struggle ensued. The officer was wounded with a gunshot and later was pronounced dead.

Police agencies from Every Columbia County law enforcement agency responded, as did officers and deputies from the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office, Longview Police Department and the Washington State Patrol.

Additional gunshots were fired and the suspect was wounded and taken into custody. The suspect was taken to a local hospital under guard and has not been arrested at this time.

……and to top things off, a munitions factory in Tennessee went up in multiple explosions.

Oakland Tennessee — Kinematics Research Inc.: One dead, one injured in multiple explosions.

Video report from WMCTV and KAIT, Channel 8.

OAKLAND, TN (WMC-TV) – One person was killed and another injured when the Kinematics Research plant in Oakland, Tennessee exploded around 2:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Oakland Police Chief Rick Jewell said one person, an employee, was trapped in the plant after the explosion. Authorities later confirmed that person was killed.  A firefighter was also injured, and transported to a local hospital.

The Left, all gun grabbers and other assorted Totalitarians are going to have a field day with these events.

Kenny Solomon
South Florida

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Tool up…… It’s coming…… You know…… “It”.